Game Of Throne Moments That Are So Much Better In The Book

To make the series more interesting the producer and the director put in much effort in making of all the seasons so attractive. They chose the character wisely and the costumes are well suited for the characters.

Game Of Throne Moments That Are So Much Better In The Book

Game Of Throne Moments Are So Much Better In The Book

The following are the characters which are better mentioned in the book

  • Jaime is not a selfish person but in the TV show the real personality of Jaime is mistaken. He helps and acts for the benefits of others and he doesn’t do any harm to whom he is loyal and whom he respects. Moreover it is said that there is no such a thing as the murder of Jaime’s family in the books. It is shown in the TV just for the sake of it.
  • Jon Snow the most sought after character in the entire series of the Game of Thrones. He has got a lot of fans even outside the show. He is considered to be a person who lacks ability to perform anything mightily. But later it is shown that he developed courage to face problems with the help of Wildings. In the books the character of Jon has been explained in a smooth and decent manner.
  • The scientist Qyburn is portrayed as the one who conduct several experiment on human being by kidnapping them and torturing them. But the book says that his character is worth remembering and he renders a lot of help to the people through his inventions. He has the ability to resurrect the dead back to life. This is another major difference that is seen between the TV show and the book series.
  • Seeing and enjoying a series on the TV might be interesting and easy but there a lot of important things we miss out while watching TV. That is why most of the people prefer reading than watching on TV.
  • In books we can see the reference and other symbols related to the story and they will be clearly explained. We cannot get such experiences in the TV series.In one place where Cersei sits grieved over the death of her son Joffrey. At that moment Jaime raped Cersei and during the struggle her dress tore.
  • But the same scene in the book is completely different and the rape scene did not occur in the first place. The things that are shown in the series is completely different from that actually happens in the book.
  • Next comes the truth about Tyrion’s first wife Tysha. Tywin lies to Tyrion that his first wife was a prostitute and that she was paid to love him. On the later part of the story, Tywin reveals the truth about his first wife that she was a peasant.
  • This made Tyrion furious and he kills both Shae and Tywin. In the TV series the dwarf Tyrion was portrayed as a murdered. But the books gives plenty of reasons as to what Tyrion did is acceptable and makes him a good person.
  • The White Walkers are considered to be the dreadful items in the series. Sam Tarly actually kills one of the White Walker and this part is completely ignored or given less importance in the TV series. Though the act was to be appreciated and praised the TV series shows that only Gilly witnessed the sight.
  • The character of Loral Tyres is depicted as a one who always wanted to involve in sexual relationship with others. But in the books, his character is shown as the one who is excellent in handling swords and a brave warrior.

These are few of the scenes from the series the Game of Thrones which is much better in the books than on TV series.

Game of Thrones Season 6: Predicting 12 Important Character Journeys

People around the world have been watching all of the five seasons of the Game Of Thrones. The creators of the story made the series very interesting with their wonderful characters and a good story. Thought the characters at times seem to be very confusing they all are connected to each other. Season five attained a great success but the death of the famous character Jon Snow broke the hearts of fans.

Game of Thrones Season 6: 12 Important Character Journeys

12 Important Character Journeys

Important character journeys are mentioned below :

  • According to the story Ned Stark has been beheaded and Robb became king of the North. Later in the story when his reign comes to a close he writes a will and the location of the will remains a mystery. It is said that he has mentioned about the arrival of Jon and mentioned Jon to be his successor.
  • Bran who lives inside the tree mostly is expected to come back but his position is not clear. The Three Eyed Raven is expected to train Bran which means that his storyline also plays a major role in deciding the future of Westeros.
  • Sansa who married a Lannister is also expected to come back as she jumps off the wall of her old home and escapes the hand of her brutal husband. Arya who lost her sight is also expected on the screen.
  • Sam is leaving the Oldtown Wall to the South Western region to become a master as per the story. He is not simply wandering in a cart but he is headed with some intention in mind and on his way he meets his father in his old home, Horn Hill. This meeting shows that Sam’s father Randyl will also come into play in season 6.
  • Baelish comes suddenly on screen and deals with the things happening around him. He is expected to flee the Kings landing and will return to Vale at some point.
  • Margaery is an interesting character in the series mainly because of her war with Cersei. It is impossible for both of them to live together in King’s Landing as they always fight over things. There is no much to discuss about Margaery but her acting and roles were sensational. Jamie belongs to the Lannister house but he is surrounded by the Tyrell soldiers. He leads them as their leader and that is the plan of Margery. He is also expected to come back with the army.
  • Tommen who is weak and vulnerable is expected to die in season 6. He doesn’t have an heir to the throne and his siblings are no more or they are just gone for a season is also unknown. He was troubled by Cersei and Margaery which becomes uncontrollable for him in the end.
  • Cersei who has the ability to prophecy, is terrified about losing her prophetic ability with the death of her three children. If this happens then Jaime would throw her out. She becomes paranoid and she considers every mishap around her as someone’s plot to kill her. Currently she is in Kings Landing and expected to show up in the next season.
  • Tyrion, the dwarf is considered to be the best person to restore order and put everything in place in King’s Landing. While King’s Landing is in chaos he makes his way to the Landing to set things right. He is not taken by the plot of Cersei or Tywin hence considered being the right person to deal with the current situation.
  •  Drogan took away Daenerys into the path of Dothraki and she will finally return to the west when the people of the west realize that she is the heir to the Iron of Throne.

The complete journey will take twist and turns in the sixth season and it comes with pack of mysteries. The coming back of all these characters makes the story very interesting for the viewers. It shows that we can expect a lot of twist and turns in the series.